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Mountain Savory Vitality™ essential oil is steam distilled from the flowering plant. Mountain Savory Vitality oil has many health benefits, including immune support, cleansing properties, and delivering powerful antioxidants.*


In 2014, we made a discovery that would rock our world and change how we view almost everything around us. We discovered Young Living Essential oils and their amazing products. 

Hello! We are a mother-daughter team, consisting of Cindy Nicolai, Katie Hatfield & Jessica Jarrett. We love sharing about our experiences discovering health and learning about non-toxic living. Young Living and their amazing product line is featured heavily in each of our wellness stories. 

Each of us has our own unique approach to using the products and our own motivation behind using them. The pages of this site will reflect those unique perspectives. 

We hope to inspire and encourage others as they begin or continue a journey to natural health, wellness and beauty. 

No matter your own motivation for pursuing a toxin-free life, we hope you find some helpful information or nuggets of wisdom you can apply in your own life. 

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We call ourselves Genesis wellness because when we think of Genesis, we think of something whole, perfect, clean and unspoiled (the garden). We think of imperfect people who make mistakes but who, with God's help changed the world (Abraham). We think of a promise of things yet to come, a promise of a better tomorrow.


When we view not only our spiritual selves, but our physical selves as temples of the Lord, we have a Genesis mindset and we are able to love ourselves. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and as such, deserve that love and a little extra care to help get them functioning - NO, THRIVING - at optimal levels. We need Genesis level wellness for our entire being. 



As a rancher by trade I have always enjoyed gardening, canning my own veggies, making salsa, raising

our own chickens, and butchering our own organic beef. I also love to cook and have found that I can

replace some of my dry herbs with essential oils in my favorite recipes...

Learn more about Cindy & Grammy's Essentials



My second child is what got

me started on this wonderful journey of using essential oils. At nine months, he was still not sleeping

through the night and I had to get some sleep. That is when I heard about how using essential oils with

children was safe and natural so I decided to give them a try...

Learn more about Katie



I am an accidental crunchy mama, and I find myself becoming more crunchy every day. I started using

young living when I was pregnant, to help with some of the typical pregnancy complaints. All it took was

one use for me to become a believer in the effectiveness of essential oils...

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